Thank you for your interest in our wine selection.
You can always find our wines through our retail network.
Should you be interested in trying some of our wines, please contact us by email/fax or telephone.

We also have special sales for wedding, catering and parties.
Daos Cabernet Sauvignon Red wine and Chardonnay white wine from Moldova are the best companion for your daily drinking, wedding and parties.

The quality to price ratio is outstanding for these 2 wines, it will satisfy your guests by providing fruitiness, matched with a round and pleasant taste. With their special packing, these wines could enhance, ameliorate your important events.

For any wine purchases
Free delivery would be made for purchasing any 2 cases in total of 12 Bottles (Except outlaying islands). Call, Fax or Email us for enquiry.

For any purchases under 12 bottles, pick up could be arranged in Central or Kwun Tong or Tuen Mun.